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Black lace cuffs with decorative ribbon

Black lace cuffs with decorative ribbon

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Black lace cuffs with ribbon.

The cuffs are made of soft viscose lace. The bracelets are very flexible. A decorative ribbon is attached to the cuffs, which can be tied or left hanging freely.

The cuffs are elasticated, so they are convenient to use for hands of different circumferences, adjusting the cuffs to sleeves of different widths.

Such an accessory will decorate blouses, complement sweaters and elegantly highlight jackets.

The accessory will perfectly complement the overall image and emphasize femininity.

These bracelets are available with a clasp.


Gentle washing program at 40°, free drying, avoiding sunlight.

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KRIKL has a passion for black clothing. That is why the elegant, high-quality and feminine clothing brand KRIKL was created. This is not a garment that changes or loses value with the changing seasons of fashion and time. This is an item of clothing that should be in every woman's wardrobe, so that you don't have to go crazy when you can't choose what to wear, but you can just pick up your favorite black dress.

This is an outfit that will live in your closet for a long time, because it is of high quality, and happily, because KRIKL knows how happy, attractive and confident a woman is in black clothes.

Black clothing has one great feature - it can be combined with clothing of absolutely any color. But KRIKL will take care of your basic wardrobe.

Thank you for being part of KRIKL!